Q&A with French teacher Koussaila Boumeridja

Mr. Boumeridja, a French teacher at Riverside High School, came to the Unites States 10 years ago. He talked with The Pirates Hook about the language struggles he experienced in school and when he came to the US as well as the language barriers he sees his own students navigating.

Mr. Boumeridja working during his planning period. Photo by: Donna Diaz

The Pirates Hook (PH): Did you grow up with a language barrier?

Koussaila Boumeridja (KB): I would say yes, because I am native Berber. I am from Algeria, and in Algeria, the school system works in Arabic. I never learned any Arabic until I started first grade. So when I went to school…everything was new. I started school with a foreign language.

PH: Was it hard coming to America?

KB: It wasn’t hard because I study foreign languages. I came 10 years ago. But it was hard speaking…

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